SafeRecycling RS7

Cash Recycler for Combined Cash Deposit and Dispensing

The SafeRecycling RS7 accepts, recycles and dispenses cash in one convenient solution.

You can quickly and securely fill, replenish and reconcile tills.

The back-office solution is ideal for large supermarkets, shopping malls or exhibition centers where many small traders operate.



Key Specifications

  • Capacity: Up to 3,400 notes per cassette and up to 5 cassettes per machine. High-Capacity, High-Speed Processing
  • Deposit Method: Note bundles of up to 300 notes. Bundles of up to 300 notes and the complete till with coins can be deposited at once, saving time on manual counting and verification.
  • Deposit Speed: Up to 10 notes can be processed per second and up to 700 coins can be sorted and counted per minute.
  • Security: Notes are kept in a certified safe, increasing security and reducing the risk of robbery.
  • Real-Time Cash Monitoring: Use Gunnebo's CashControl software for real-time remote monitoring and tracking of cash deposits
  • Same-Day Credit: Deposited amounts can be credited to your account during the same working day for increased cash flow.
  • Streamlined Cash Collection: Share access to cash-level data with CIT partners to optimize route planning and pick-up times.

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