OptiStile 400

Non-Barrier Optical Turnstile

​The OptiStile 400 utilizes a combination of stainless steel and glass materials, offering an ultra-modern design and thin profile turnstile.


Key Specifications

  • Design: Ultra-modern, thin profile pedestal design
  • Materials: Incorporating glass and stainless materials
  • Traffic: Fast throughput for high traffic lobbies
  • Passage Control: Passage in Entry and Exit direction can be electronically controlled
  • Sensor: Sophisticated sensor system to detect unauthorized entry, tailgating, and piggybacking activity
  • Alarms: Local visual and audio notification of lane alarms as well as output of alarms to access control system
  • Indicators: LED lane status light integrated within lid section
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most major access control systems and card reader technologies
  • Certification: CSA certified


  • Standard Pedestal Dimensions: 24" x 2.65" x 37.4"
  • ADA Compliance: Easy installation