OptiStile 300

Non-Barrier Optical Turnstile

​The compact size of the OptiStile 300 and the stainless steel and smoked acrylic materials make it a visually pleasing security turnstile.


Key Specifications

  • Design: Square (3/16" radius) cabinet design
  • Traffic: Fast throughtput for high traffic lobbies
  • Passage Control: Passage in Entry and Exit direction can be electronically controlled
  • Sensor: Sophisticated sensor system to detect unauthorized entry, tailgating and piggybacking activity
  • Alarms: Local visual and audio notification of lane alarms as well as output of alarms to access control system
  • Indicators: LED lane status light integrated within lid section
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most major access control systems and cardreader technologies
  • Certification: CSA certified Options
  • Finishing: Custom casework finishes, materials and designs
  • Display: Touch Screen or Push Button remote desktop turnstile controllers
  • Lighting: Additional LED lighting


  • Lenghts: Available in variable lengths ranging from 18" to 72"
  • Standard Pedestal Width: 6.50"
  • ADA Compliance: Easy installation
  • Mounting: Mounting base where core drilling or trenching cannot be achieved
  • Integrations: Flush mounted integration of visitor Bar Code readers and Scanners