OptiStile 220

Swinging Barrier Arm Optical Turnstile

​The OptiStile 220, in addition to being a standard optical turnstile, incorporates fully functional bi-directional barrier arms to deter all unwanted users, giving increased security control.

The product has either a 48” or 72" long footprint, for ease of monitoring by lobby staff.


Key Specifications

  • Design: Square (3/16" radius) cabinet
  • Barrier: Dual or single breakaway center barrier arm(s)
  • Traffic: Fast throughput for high traffic lobbies
  • Passage Control: Passage in Entry and Exit direction can be electronically controlled
  • Sensor: Sophisticated sensor system to detect unauthorized entry, tailgating, and piggybacking activity
  • Indicator: LED lane status light integrated within lid section
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most major access control systems and card reading technologies
  • Certification: CSA certified to UL 325


  • Standard Pedestal Dimensions: 48" x 6.69" x 37.66"
  • Two Walkway Widths: 28" standard width walkway - 36" ADA compliant width walkway
  • Three Operating Modes: Normally Closed, Normally Open, Optical Only
  • Operation: Hands free, fully automated, no contact operation
  • Integrations: Failsafe operation and available inputs for integration with building fire alarms