Metro Products

Automatic fare collection gates for public transport systems that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion.

Metro Products

Speed up passenger throughput with fast and secure fare collection

Gunnebo's ticket gates for metro, bus and train networks reduce delays and ensure tickets are swiftly and accurately validated.

Improve passenger mobility

High passenger throughput speeds get passengers with valid tickets from A to B quickly and smoothly – with no delays.

Optimise fare collection and ticket validation

Gunnebo ticket gates read multiple ticket types – such as contactless smart cards or tickets with a magnetic stripe – for an efficient automated fare collection system.

Improve security and protect revenues

Integrated single-person detection prevents unauthorised travellers tailgating and travelling without paying.

Connect with other transport systems

Link multiple fare systems from other public transport networks to improve journey times and convenience for your passengers.

Reduce maintenance and improve performance

With high efficiency operation, minimum serviceability and low running costs, Gunnebo ticket gates protect your capital investment and keep future running costs down.

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