Quick-Serve Restaurants

Cash automation prevents theft and reduces the cost of collecting, counting and reconciling cash drawers.

The Benefits of Automated Cash Handling

  • Increase Productivity

    Cut the time staff spend on counting, checking, exchanging and managing cash.

  • Eliminate Errors

    Remove cash differences with automatic counting, verification and reconciliation.

  • Improve Security

    Prevent robberies and make your restaurant a safer place to work.

Cash Handling Products

SecureCash Pro S
SecureCash Deluxe & Deluxe Plus
SafePay Complete
SafeRecycling R7
SafeRecycling RS7


For any business serving food - such as fast-food outlets, cafeterias and bakeries - either with table or counter service, hygiene standards are of great importance. Closed cash management allows customers to pay using self-service terminals so that staff never have to touch a banknote or coin. From the moment the customer pays, cash is kept locked away until it is collected by your pick-up service, with no need for manual handling.

Accuracy & Security

Smart deposit, cash recycling and closed cash management increase security and minimize shrinkage. Staff get to work in a safer, more relaxed environment and the turnover rate of employees is reduced. Automatic registration and counting means you no longer waste time correcting cash differences. And with instant reconciliation, your daily cash earnings can be credited to your bank account the same working day.

What are Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers?

Smart safes do more than just collect and store money. They automatically verify, count and deposit your cash safely. Cash recyclers perform the same kind of deposit, but also recycle cash by dispensing the same notes they receive. Coupled with cash management software, you can connect these system with pickup services for real-time monitoring of cash levels and the optimization of collection routines. Both machines provide a full audit trail for greater transparency over cash transactions which helps you reduce shrinkage.

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