Secure cash handling solutions for cannabis dispensaries, growers, and distributors prevent robberies, reduce shrinkage and keep cash locked away. 

The Benefits of Secure Cash Handling

  • Increase Security

    With no manual cash handling, robberies and shrinkage are often reduced to zero and staff feel much safer.

  • Reduce Costs

    Eliminate cash differences and cash counting errors completely.

  • Track Cash

    Monitor cash levels and optimize cash collection and pickup services across all store locations.

Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers

SecureCash Pro S
SecureCash Deluxe & Deluxe Plus
SafeRecycling R7
Cash Management Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Learn about the benefits of smart cash management solutions for dispensaries, growers and distributors.

What are Smart Safes and Cash Recyclers?

Smart safes do more than just collect and store money. They automatically verify, count and deposit your cash safely. Cash recyclers perform the same kind of deposit, but also recycle cash by dispensing the same notes they receive. Coupled with cash management software, you can connect these system with pickup services for real-time monitoring of cash levels and the optimization of collection routines. Both machines provide a full audit trail for greater transparency over cash transactions which helps you reduce shrinkage.

Smart Depository, Pneumatic Tube Systems, Safes and Vaults

Gunnebo offers Hamilton Security branded smart depository, pneumatic tube systems, safes and vaults for banking and retail services. For 50 years, financial institutions and retailers have come to rely on Hamilton's American-made craftmanship and high-security products to keep their customers, staff and assets safe. Click here to learn more about Hamilton's full line of security solutions. 

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