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Bring the latest in security and technology to the design table

Architectural & Engineering

When it comes to designing properties to be used for high end residential consumers or spaces to be occupied by retail stores or high end residential apartments, it is important to consider how security products fit into the layout.

Gunnebo's consultative approach enables architect and engineer professionals to map out safes, vaults, and even automated security solutions on the front end.

You can customize Gunnebo's security products to fit in with the architecture and interior design of most buildings thanks to our wide selection of materials and finishes. In addition, flexibility on dimensions will allow you to achieve the right balance between functionality requirements and the use of space.


You need to know that the security products you choose offer efficient and highly reliable performance in terms of managing visitor access to buildings and ensuring that access is only granted to authorized personnel. Incorporating automated devices into your plans delivers both a luxurious feel and a high tech flare to your customers.


Gunnebo's security solutions are competitively priced. They are effective in managing visitor access and are robust to ensure a long lifespan, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs.

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