As a global company, Gunnebo has a responsibility towards its customers and suppliers, its employees, society and the environment and its shareholders.


To reduce our burden on the environment, Gunnebo has set environmental goals for itself regarding the emission of carbon dioxide, electricity consumption, waste management, the use of natural resources, the sourcing of raw materials and product design.

Responsible Employer

Gunnebo employs almost 6,000 people in sales companies and factories across the world.

 As a global employer we have a responsibility to:

  • respect our employees' rights
  • provide a secure and appropriate working environment
  • provide non-discriminatory working conditions
  • promote the development of new skills to ensure employee satisfaction


Code of Conduct

Gunnebo's Code of Conduct lays the foundations for the way in which we do business. All employees are expected to follow the Code and accept responsibility for their actions. Suppliers, dealers, consultants and other business partners are encouraged by Gunnebo to do the same.


Gunnebo works with the most competitive suppliers in terms of cost, service and quality.

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