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In the early 2000's, Gunnebo had become a global leader in security products, services, and solutions with an offering covering cash handling, safes and vaults, entrance security and electronic security for multiple market segments. However, they did not have a steady presence in the States. Thanks to an acquisition of a company located in California which specialized in entrance security products, Gunnebo was established as a security solution provider in the United States.  


Looking to further their presence in the US, Gunnebo Security Group made its second key acquisition by purchasing the well known Hamilton Safe companies in 2012. Solidly entrenched as the authority in safes, vaults, air powered drive thru systems, and entrance control units, Hamilton Safe provided the diversification Gunnebo sought to obtain. 


Today, Gunnebo Entrance Control still maintains base operations in their California location, while Hamilton Safe resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Together, these two entities work together to offer a complete security offering and make up Gunnebo US. 


For more information about the Gunnebo Security Group, visit our Investor Relations website, www.gunnebogroup.com.​

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